John Russo

John entered the advertising industry in 1984 as executive vice president operations of Elias Arts, the internationally recognized music communications agency. A pioneering force in the development of ‘sound design’ and ‘commercial soundtracks’, both have since been recognized and adopted as a critical asset for product branding, consumer recall and product identity worldwide. His operational leadership was instrumental in Elias Arts 400% profit increase and revenue growth that was a multiple of that.

In 1990 John formed Russo/Grantham Productions; whose guiding principle-to create a music production ‘resource’ that delivered the highest production standards yet, was easy to work with, anticipated client needs and was affordable. In short order, a virtual “who’s who” of Fortune 500 companies entrusted Russo/Grantham to bring their story to “on air” reality. With 25 years in the advertising, digital marketing, broadcast and entertainment industries, John has gained an outstanding record for strategic execution that produces real, significant results.

As a highly effective, multifaceted executive, he’s best known for superior instincts, exceptional people skills, outstanding leadership and can-do spirit. John’s own mark is unmistakable and indelible; pursuing excellence while tirelessly working to turn challenge into definitive opportunity for all. He is an innovative professional committed to the development and implementation of leading edge market initiatives-with disruptive approaches to traditional branding and corporate identity-that foster strong relational bonds with stakeholders.