Scott Elias

Of the top 1,000 global brands Scott has helped launch, grow and reposition nearly 40% of them including Apple, Nike, Adidas, eBay, Columbia, Universal, Yahoo, Visa, Verizon Wireless, Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, eTrade, Exxon, etc. As co-founding CEO of Elias Arts, the world’s largest, most-awarded audio communication agency, his pioneering efforts reshaped the practice of audio communication, branding and strategy; garnering a reputation for alternative growth strategies that are innovative, effective and emotionally robust.

Among the earliest and most influential proponents of harnessing music & sound's emotional impact he's well known for his strategic vision and successfully growing ‘emotional stakeholder communities’ by ‘giving voice’ to a brand’s emotional franchise.

Awarded over 750 awards for 7500 commercial projects-including two Emmy’s and dozens of Clios, London Internationals & Cannes Lions-Elias Arts became a global leader in audio communications, branding, psychoacoustics, environmental and embedded product audio.

Losing 80% of his hearing as a child primed his emotional awareness. Having it surgically restored years later developed a lifelong fascination with the science of living systems as applied to people and commerce.

As a serial entrepreneur, Scott is a striking blend of head and heart; always looking to understand what sustains people-emotionally, physically and intellectually-then grows a business from here.

He’s a gifted mentor, passionate about business’ role in making the world a better place. His principal message-business success is a by-product, of offerings that feed & fuel people to express who they are and all they yearn to become.

His latest baby LivingWorks Ventures is a venture accelerator that helps firms of all sizes discover and practice their 'It', the source for growing sustainably stellar companies that are Designed for Love by all stakeholders.